Provides you with what is purposeful and right

In creating Glow Hawai‘i products, Ōlelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa is mindful of the life force of food, with respect for what is right, or “pono” for our farmers and fishermen, the abundant land, and ultimately those who partake of her delicious meals and products.

Glow Tea is blended with lemon grass, peppermint leaf, chamomile flowers, alfalfa leaf, and lemon peel that came to Ōlelo pa‘a in meditation. Serving Glow Tea was so popular with her clients she began to package it.

Glow Honey comes from an ideal blend of Hawaiian tree blossoms; the ‘ohi‘a lehua, (the Big Island’s signature flower), macadamia nut blossoms, coconut tree blossoms, guava and mango create the silky, sweet flavors in Glow Honey.

Glow Salt is mined from the pure deep waters of the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 2,500 feet, depth, then is sun-dried in Kona. Hawaiians use salt, a sacred seasoning, in many ceremonies for cleansing purposes.

Glow Coffee is an aromatic Kona coffee grown at Kunitake Estate Farms located in Holualoa at 900-1000 ft. elevation, by third generation coffee farmer Ray Kunitake. The land was once owned by Queen Emma and farmed for Hawaiian Royalty. Rich in flavor, well-balanced and with a smooth finish. It was the winner of the 2007 People’s Choice Award at the Kona Coffee Festival.