Today, it is rare to find someone who possesses the qualities and gifts that set them apart out of the crowd as one that is extraordinary. Ōlelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa is a rare find. She has a spirit and a glow that will invigorate and warm the hearts and souls of all that come into her presence.

Daniel “Kaniela” Akaka Jr.

My family and I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with Ōlelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa any number of times in our home over the past 10 years. She has prepared and serviced our holiday parties, corporate affiliate board of director meetings, our wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. We rely exclusively on Ōlelo pa‘a to plan, coordinate and manage these gatherings in our home. On occasion, we have been blessed with the fine talents of local musicians and dancers, all coordinated by Ōlelo pa‘a, in conjunction with the superior fare she has mastered and provided. The cuisine is delectable, almost magic if you will, not only in the content and preparation, but also in her presentation and overall spirit.

George Zimmer
Founder & CEO
Men’s Wearhouse

Olelo pa'a is a living testimonial of the Aloha spirit of the islands. It is always a pleasure working with her. Her exuberance for life, and wholesome fresh food are apparent from the moment you meet her. Olelo pa'a graciously offers her services to guests of Hawaii Hideaways and goes above and beyond to deliver a quality product. Olelo pa'a is my go to chef on Hawaii.

Autumn Quintero
Director of Guest Services
Hawaii Hideaways Inc.
In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, Conde Nast Traveler recognized Hawaii Hideaways as the best Hawaii agent!

The most important parts of the wedding were successful as a result of your professionalism, your creativity, your unbelievable attention to detail and your willingness to take on an extremely challenging venue! From the first day we met at the Bond Estate you made me feel calm and I knew we were in the best hands.

Jacquie Dorrance

Ōlelo pa‘a’s approach towards the spirituality of foods and its impact upon health and wellness is both cutting edge and yet grounded in traditional Hawaiian values. She is truly one of the shining stars of the culinary world in Hawai‘i and I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to work with her.

Ronald Takahashi MBA, CFBE, CHE
Associate Professor & Chairperson
Culinary Arts Department

I have enjoyed Ōlelo’s wonderful Hawaiian cuisine many times, both at intimate dinners and large parties. They have always been truly extraordinary and easily count as some of the most memorable meals I have ever had.

Bill Price III
Price Family Vineyards

Eating Ōlelo’s food is much more than enjoying a beautifully presented, delicious dish, though these things are certainly true. Ōlelo is emotionally vested in every single ingredient she has chosen for that dish. Every leaf, every pod, every kernel and cube. This extraordinary communion, where she pours her soul out through these ingredients and on to your plate puts her food into a class by itself. Beautiful and delicious is the very least of it!

Kurt and Pam Hirabara
Hirabara Farms

A grande chef Ōlelo pa‘a, com sua tŽcnica refinada, profissionalismo inigual‡vel e astral exuberante, conseguiu mostrar a n—s, brasileiros, um pouco da cultura ex—tica havaiana. Falar da perfei‹o com que executa seu trabalho, traz logo a percep‹o da forte energia positiva que sua presena transmite. Em uma noite de magia, esta maravilhosa mulher foi capaz de nos envolver em um clima havaiano, combinando perfeitamente diversos sabores e aromas. O amor, ingrediente essencial em tudo que a encantadora Ōlelo faz, a torna uma pessoa inesquec’vel na vida de todos que tem o privilŽgio de conhec-la!

Joacita Kopytowski Tafuri
Curitiba, Brazil


The great chef Ōlelo pa‘a, together with her refined technique, her professionalism and exuberant humor, showed us, Brazilians, a small piece of the exotic Hawaiian culture. Talking about the perfect execution of her work immediately brings a perception of the strong positive energy that her presence transmits. In a magic night, this wonderful woman was capable of transforming us into a Hawaiian way, matching perfectly many tastes and aromas. Love, the essential ingredient in everything, the charming Ōlelo pa‘a does make her an unforgettable person in the lives of everyone that has the privilege to meet her.

Joacita Kopytowski Tafuri

Ms. Faith Ogawa has catered to numerous events at our corporate retreat on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Faith’s food is so original and exquisite; it is absolutely worth experiencing. Not only her food preparation and presentation visually beautiful; her foods are delightful and pleasant to taste. They are sensational.

Emiko Horne

You have a special quality of love and caring that infuses everything you touch.

Karen Pritzker

You so beautifully described each of the courses and even shared with us who grew the food, where it was grown, and how you felt about the growers and their ethical commitments. It felt like a living example of "Grace before meals." That produced a sort of reverence in my heart. I was actually moved to tears during the meal and excused myself for a moment so I could get a tissue and savor the moment of gratitude on my own. I have never had a more delicious meal. It was delicious at so many levels...I have truly been blessed to experience your wonderful gift.

Maureen Gorsuch

From simple pupus for small gatherings to dinners for thirty to parties for a hundred or more, the food coming from your kitchens is not only delicious, it is thoughtfully prepared and beautifully presented. The care you take to choose the appropriate kinds of food, the combinations for each occasion sets you apart!

Mahalo for taking such good care of us.

Rhoady Lee

Ōlelo pa‘a Ogawa is an amazing person and a simply astonishing chef. She takes the freshest and healthiest ingredients, prepares them with love and positive energy and displays the results in beautiful presentations. She has given me an appreciation for the purity of flavor that her passion for ingredients and flavors produces as well as a deep admiration for the amount of spiritual energy and sheer joy that she puts into her work.