Olelo pa’a Ogawa is a holistic life coach and award-winning chef that shares her
expertise and passion for wellness with individuals seeking clarity, healing, and direction
in navigating an ever-changing world. 

I am Olelo pa'a

joyful living coach

about olelo pa'a ogawa
joyful living coach & energy chef

Recognized as a global conscious entrepreneur,Olelo pa'a exemplifies the practice of harnessing the energy within to improve the quality of one’s life for optimal spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. An active listener, Olelo’s intuitive coaching provokes self-discovery. She is honored to be an international best-selling co-author in Global Conscious Entrepreneurs - 49 Entrepreneurs Changing the World with Star from “The Secret” Dame Marie Diamond.

Olelo was introduced to the concept of energy in the 90’s and became a certified Healing Touch practitioner and a student of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono where she had an awakening experience. Her continuing education includes Certification as a Holistic Coach with Alan Cohen, best-selling author; spiritual teacher, Dougall Fraser best-selling author, psychic and Master Color Coach, and Nutritarian Coach, best-selling author and speaker, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Since then, she has used energy to heal and find balance to be transformative in her coaching and as “The Energy Chef of Hawai’i”.

Olelo is based on Hawai’i Island and would love to connect with you so YOU can start living an inspired and joyful life!

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I am experiencing freedom once again!

I was in an unhappy relationship for 9 years and I did not have the courage to leave until I saw Coach Olelo pa’a. After 2 sessions, we worked on having the courage to leave, discussed how I was going to leave and feeling confident to proceed forward. Today I am so happy I left, I lose weight & reduced my stress level to zero and I am experiencing freedom once again! Thank you Coach Olelo pa’a   

Kind Words

- Lisamarie McCormick

She helped me find my way

It is not every day that you encounter a compassionate and loving coach with the gifts that Olelo paʻa has. She has the ability to really listen to you and then she just taps into your life in ways you can’t even possibly begin to explain. An hour with her life coaching will really leave you with something to think about and something to take action on.

Are you ready to bring more peace and joy into your life?